Black Hand Lenormand - MINI

Black Hand Lenormand - MINI
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Black Hand Lenormand MINI - Shelley Barnes

"The Black Hand Lenormand is a modern recreation of the classic Lenormand Oracle (aka "the Game of Hope") lovingly used by European fortunetellers since the 1800s. This miniature deck contains all of the cards associated with a standard playing card deck with one major deviation – 36 of the cards also feature illustrations which can be used for divination."

"(The Artist's) goal was to translate the traditional Lenormand images into a unique graphic style which would resonate with both modern sibyls as well as card collectors. The chalky white drawings convey a classic folk-occult flavor, and their miniature scale makes larger spreads like the grand tableau more manageable. And, if your muggle friends should inquire about the deck, they can double as standard playing cards." - Shelley Barnes

(1.75" x 2.5") 54 cards, 36 illustrated for use in divination and classic fortune telling games. Includes alternative facing Gentleman and Lady cards. Cards are printed on professional grade 310gsm Linen cardstock for longevity and smooth handling.

Bonus for a limited time:
Palmistry Card measuring 5"x7" with Black Hand palmistry artwork on one side, and guide to traditional Lenormand card meanings on the other.

This decks is a new OHM FAVORITE!

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