Mama Ruby's Sage Aura Bath

Mama Ruby's Sage Aura Bath
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Mama Ruby's Sage Aura Bath - enough for 2 baths

A relaxing way to remove the negative energies that cling to us each day!  Enough for 2-3 baths, or you can put some in your favorite bath gel and use it as a scrub.  White Sage has long been used to cleanse one's aura or environment of negative or dense energies. Black Tourmaline and Black Salt have been used for eons to ground, protect and cleanse the aura, and to seal one's environment from negativity.  Mama Ruby's Sage Aura Bath gives you all these tools in one relaxing package.  You can buy one package for $3.00, or choose to buy four packages for $10.00. The scent is gently that of Sage.

Ingredients:  Sea Salt, Organic Clary Sage Oil, Dried White Sage, Black Tourmaline, Black Salt, lovingly blessed and packaged with the express intent of cleansing negativity from one's environment.

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