Oracle Essential Oil Blends: DRAGONS SHIELD

Oracle Essential Oil Blends:  DRAGONS SHIELD
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Dragon's Shield Essential Oil - Thousand Petals

Rose Howard, the Master Aromatherapist, Healer, Teacher, Artist.....has graced Ohm with a few of her amazing, helpful and beautiful oils.  Though Rose carries many blends, all wonderful, here at Ohm we carry five of our favorites.

Welcome to the Oracle Essential Oil Blends

These blends introduce you to Magical Characters who will guide and lead you to understand your Greater Purpose, Heart's Desires, and help you gain Self Knowledge.  Being in touch with the Divine is being in touch with your Soul.  All these Mystical Oil Blends are infused with SOUND FREQUENCIES to enhance the vibration of the blend and those using it.

Dragon's Shield - Protects, shields against physical, mental, emotional and spiritual attacks.  Helps create awareness and an auric shield.

100% pure essential oil blend including: Patchoulli, Amyris and Others in fractionated coconut oil.

These items will be shipped directly from Thousand Petals.  OILS CAN NOT BE SHIPPED OUTSIDE THE USA

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