Primal Lenormand - Game of Hope - Ur Lenormand

Primal Lenormand - Game of Hope - Ur Lenormand
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The Primal Lenormand - Game of Hope 

Reprinted by AGM by permission of the British Museum, London, and edited by Alexander Glueck, this is a reprint of the classic original cards from 1799.  The card 'game' was conceived by Johann Kaspar Hechtel and published in Nuremberg in 1799 as a parlour game. This deck offers the cards seen later in traditional Lenormand cards; the rider, stork, mice, etc.  The booklet includes the rules as the 'game' was historically played, and instructions on how we read this oracle today.  In three languages: English, French and German  Released Feb 2015

36 cards; 80 x 110 MM, approximately 3.15" x 4"



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