Spirit Guide Pendants in Pewter

Spirit Guide Pendants in Pewter
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Spirit Guide Pendants in Pewter - Created in the finest pewter by Deva Designs of Sedona.

1 1/2" intricately carved, fine pewter pendants depict in detail your spirit guide.  Each comes on a 24" ball chain.  Eight designs to choose from; pick which is best for you, to help you remember that you are always surrounded by your guardians and guides.

DragonflyDragonfly medicine is of the dreamtime and the illusionary façade we accept as physical reality; bringing vague memories of a time & place of magic.  Follow Dragonfly to the place where magic thrives.  This magic belongs to you; the power to create. – (loose translation of Jaime Sams Medicine Cards)

Bear:  Bear seeks the honey of truth; a powerful symbol of strength and wisdom, bear hibernates in silence, just as one would meditate, to find answers to their own truth.  Nurture your dreams to create your reality.

Grandfather Tree: Trees are the bearers of the secrets of man; having stood resolutely watching and recording what they see for eons.  They allow us to stay deeply connected to Mother Earth, while also connecting us to the heavens, reaching high to sing the joys of nature.  Let tree share the stories of life, and be joyful in the listening.

Horse:  Horse has always been the ‘message carrier’; and understands how to pass through ‘gateways’ of consciousness.  If Horse is your totem, you are being asked to be balanced in your power and authority, wise in your choices, and fleet in your actions.

Dolphin:  Dolphin power helps one to connect with the rhythm and energy of ‘all that is’.  Those energies are fed to you from ‘Source’, and Dolphin can help you stay connected, and ease through the waves of discord.

Forest Bear:  “Bear is the power of the meditative state. So if you have Bear as a power animal ask it to help you find the center of your being - the place of perfect balance and harmony - and make sure that time for inner looking becomes part of your daily routine. Strength comes from looking within” – Jaime Sams Medicine Cards.

Mountain Lion:  Mountain Lions are leaders; they understand the power and lessons of leadership, and that they often have to shoulder responsibility.  Let Mountain Lion teach you how to gracefully balance power, strength and grace.

Wolf:  “Wolf medicine empowers the teacher within us all to come forth and aid the children of Earth in understanding the Great Mystery and life.” If you are drawn to Wolf, you may share your personal medicine with others. Let Wolf lead the way.  (loose translation – Jaime Sams Medicine Cards)


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