Azucar Bone Oracle Deck

Azucar Bone Oracle Deck
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Azucar Bone Oracle Deck - Megan Weber - Zaheroux

This oracle deck was created to celebrate life and death! The deck's style was inspired by the colorful and festive Day of the Dead and includes cards based on the Wheel of the Year. Draw a card once a day to help meditate and focus your energies or use the Wheel of the Year cards on your sacred space to honor the season! 

Your new deck of 28 cards (size 3.5in x 5in) are professionally printed and will arrive in protective plastic in a wonderful, sturdy box. The Companion Book is a simple book that offers a short description to give insight to the artwork of the cards. 

Azúcar means "sugar" (Spanish)
All original 28 cards were hand drawn by the Artist. (Megan Weber/Zaheroux).

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