BirdQueen Tarot

BirdQueen Tarot
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BirdQueen Tarot - Gretchen Diehl

This lovingly illustrated Tarot Deck by artist Gretchen Diehl features 78 unique drawings depicting the individual meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana. For the most part, human figures are absent from this deck, and each suit in the Minor Arcana is represented as a family of creatures. Wands are represented by insects, Cups by fish, Keys (typically Swords) are represented by birds, and Pentacles are represented by plants.
Each drawing was conceived in an attempt to make the meaning behind the card as clear as possible. Gretchen was inspired by the positive and supportive energies she has experienced through her study of the Tarot.  78 positive and optimistic cards in a flip top box.  3"W x 5"H x 1"D

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