Burning Serpent Oracle

Burning Serpent Oracle
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The Burning Serpent Oracle - Robert M. Place/Rachel Pollack (2014)

The Burning Serpent Oracle is the creation of Rachel Pollack and Robert M. Place, based on Lenormand imagery and illustrated in Place's stunning artistic style. The 38 cards can be used like a Lenormand deck, but they have also been designed to be accessible to beginners, and to have a deeper spiritual dimension that allows for personal visionary interpretations.

The deck contains 36 classic Lenormand imagery cards plus 4 additional cards, and a LWB.

A special card deck, which features a mix of realistic details, elegance and mythology.

Please note, a couple of the boxes on these decks were bent during shipping.....should you order one of these and get a 'bent box', we will send you a new box replacement as soon as they come from the publisher.  The damage is very minor, and the cards are fine.

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