Darkana Tarot Deck - First Edition

Darkana Tarot Deck - First Edition
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The Darkana Tarot Deck - Dan Donche - Original Limited Edition - 78 cards

The Darkana Tarot combines a modern 'grunge' style with traditional tarot symbolism.  Every image is personally designed by Dan, the creator of the Inappropriate Tarot Readings phenomenon.  

Per the creator: "This deck is everything I want to convey.  Most decks end up being representations of the Rider-Waite deck, which doesn't offer a lot in the way of new, groundbreaking material out there.  It is my opinion that the best tarot decks challenge current views and inspire.  One way I seek to do that is by using more modern symbolism with clever artistic techniques, all packaged into a current style that's both rich in context and appealing."  Comes boxed.  


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