Dragon Guardian Bell

Dragon Guardian Bell
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Guardian Bell - Dragon

Guardian Bells were originally designed to be hung underneath motorcycles to keep 'evil road spirits' from causing mechanical problems, or worse. Legend was that the ringing bell would capture the negative spirit, driving it insane and destroying it.  NOW the bells are hung under bicycles, vehicles, baby beds, beds, office chairs, and just anywhere a little bell can help out!  Many cultures and belief systems use bells as protection; from running off negative spirits, to calling in the fairies, to communicating with ancestors or bringing in prosperity.  Tell your Guardian Bell what job you would like it to do; and then hang it in a place to help it do it's work!  Made of chrome, they are 2.3" with their jumpring, and the bell itself is 1.5", and has a wonderful singing tone.  Great gifts for those you love.

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