Endangered Ark - Limited Edition Art Card Deck OOP

Endangered Ark - Limited Edition Art Card Deck OOP
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Limited Edition Endangered Ark Card Deck - perfect to frame, play, cartomancy or just to own and look and marvel at over and over and over....

This is an extraordinary deck of cards.  Twenty amazing artists came together to bring awareness to just a few of this planet's endangered species.  One of our personal favorites, H. Kyoht Luterman and nineteen friends have created something amazing. In honor of animals of all ranges, Ohm will donate proceeds from the sale of these decks to a wonderful animal rescue group, United Rescues of KY.  

Artists: H. Kyoht Luterman, Sandra SanTara, Amber ‘Vantid’ Hill, Foxfeather Ženková, MissMonster, Kesame, Roman ‘Mbala’ Ženka, Blotch, Louve, Goldenwolf, Hibbary, Heather Bruton, Dark Natasha, Shoom’lah,  S. M. ‘Synnabar’ Bittler, Anastasia ‘Balaa’ Korochansckaja, Jennifer ‘Nambroth’ Miller, Nicole ‘Thornwolf’ Dornsife, Ursula Vernon, Goldenwolf

This project was started to come up with something beautiful that would help spread awareness of some of the earth’s endangered treasures. A way to educate people about these amazing creatures.  This is VERY limited; there are only a few decks left.  Thank you.

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