Energy Element Black Onyx Pendant

Energy Element Black Onyx Pendant
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One of a kind, 950 sterling silver energy infused pendants handcrafted in the USA. 

All energy is movement.  These pendants were created and imbued with the energies dictated by the directions and stones fused to create these lovely art/tools.  Each has had its Ceremony of Intent, and has been cleansed with Source energy.  Wear the one that is perfect for you.  You will know which it is, by how you are drawn to it.  One of a kind; there is no other like the one you will choose. 

This Energy Element Pendant is a:

EAST – bringing clarity, vision and insight; NORTH, bringing protection and warriorship; WEST, which enhances passion and pleasure in all things and SOUTH, which brings luck, beauty and plenty to the mix.  The stones are LAPIS LAZULI, which opens the Third Eye and balances the throat chakra, allowing you to hear and speak truth.  Lapis enhances dream work, and facilitates journeying for personal power.  Lapis also allows deep peace, which makes it a key to spiritual attainment.  Lapis protects, which also helps with the journey.    2.4" x 1.6" Signed by the artist.

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