Energy Moonstone Pendant

Energy Moonstone Pendant
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One of a kind, 950 sterling silver energy infused pendants handcrafted in the USA. 

All energy is movement.  These pendants were created and imbued with the energies dictated by the directions and stones fused to create these lovely art/tools.  Each has had its Ceremony of Intent, and has been cleansed with Source energy.  Wear the one that is perfect for you.  You will know which it is, by how you are drawn to it.  One of a kind; there is no other like the one you will choose. 

This Energy Element Pendant is a:

EAST – bringing clarity, vision and insight.  The stones are MOONSTONE, which are the stones of new beginnings.  They enhance reflection, intuition, and clairvoyance; and encourage lucid dreaming; especially when the Moon is full.  Moonstone also draws out old emotional patterning, so it can be understood and dissolved.  Very balancing stones, as they connect with the Pineal gland.

  2.25" x 1.15"

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