Ghosthunting, Kentucky by Patti Starr

Ghosthunting, Kentucky by Patti Starr
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The early evening light couldn’t penetrate the darkness of the long corridor of the old abandoned hospital as it echoed back distorted whispers. These same whispers had been captured on my audio recorder. The hair raised on the back of my neck as I heard the disembodied voices hiss for help. A little girl cries out for her Mommy and another angry voice demands us to “get out”. As I looked through the screen on my camera I could see a shadowy form move across the hall passing from one room to another. I quickly snapped the picture and captured an unearthly mist reaching out as if it were trying to touch me. A startled gasp escaped from me as my EMF meter began to beep and flash. An unexplained energy had come so close to me that it jolted my meter into going off.

These are just a few of the experiences I have had while investigating haunted places. You too can encounter these eerie ordeals by taking a road less traveled and visiting these thirty featured haunted places and more. There are haunted places listed that the public has not heard about. These places are rich with ghostly activity and unique history so the chances of you having an experience while visiting them are more likely.

Each chapter will also reveal many different ways to use special equipment, instruments, rituals, and current methodology for collecting evidence. One of my favorites exercise is to talk with the entities and have them respond with an answer that has been captured on my audio recorder. Another one is to hold out my hand and ask the spirits to come to me while someone takes my picture as it photo reveals an orb on my hand. Maybe you will relate to a ghostly encounter experienced by others shared in this book.

Don’t bore people to death with mundane experiences you had on your other travels. Imagine the stories you could tell and the memories you will create while ghost hunting in Kentucky.... Patti Starr

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