Mama Ruby's Black Salt

Mama Ruby's Black Salt
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Black Salt is a protective and cleansing element used in many rituals.  Sprinkled in doorways or corners, it can be a tool of protection from all manner of yuck – even something as simple as a bad neighbor.

Traditionally Black Salt has been used in many cultures for a myriad of ceremonies, from Latin American ‘Rattlesnake Salt’ to modern ‘house cleansing’ to Hoodoo castings.  Black Salt is also used to remove ‘unwanted guests’; remove negative energy from your property; or mixed with water to remove a hex or ‘jinx’.

Many kinds of salts have been used for centuries for cleansing and purification ritual, as well as for blessings.  Black Salt is used often in the modern day to cleanse a space of unwanted spirits, and to block negative energy or entities (living or passed) from your space.

Some use a little black salt in a bag under their pillow, to drive away nightmares or bad dreams.  Some add it to mop water to cleanse their home.  Some use Sea Salt first, to cleanse their home, then Black Salt to seal that cleansing.  The uses are many and varied.

Remember that Black Salt does not cleanse itself, so occasionally sweep it from your home, where it has worked to cleanse and absorb negativity, and place it outside to dissipate or to be absorbed....then refresh your space with fresh salt – it just takes a pinch.  We know one person that flushes the used salt down their toilet – feeling they have ‘flushed’ negativity out of their lives!

Black Salt is not to be taken lightly, and is not a toy.  It also is not ‘evil’.  It is simply a tool of intent, like all tools of magical or metaphysical work.

Mama Ruby’s Black Salt is 100% natural, made of Black Sea Salt and natural activated Charcoal.  It will not harm you should you ingest it.  2 oz package  -  $4.


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