Mama Ruby's Palo Santo Sticks 2 Pk

Mama Ruby's Palo Santo Sticks 2 Pk
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Mama Ruby's Palo Santo Wood - 2 Pk

Used, similarly to Sage, for clearing an area of negativity or other energy, or to raise the vibration of an area.  Great for clearing an area before doing any energetic work or readings. Palo Santo is a gentler, fresher aroma than Sage, and resonates at a different vibration, so perfect for some areas.

Palo Santo in Spanish means 'holy wood', and is often burned before meditation to help raise the vibration of the area.  Some brew Palo Santo into a tea, much as you would a Sassafras stick.  Traditionally it was used for colds, stress, or flu-like symptoms, though it has not been evalutated by the FDA and is not intended for treating any illness or disease. 

100% Sustainably Harvested in South America and Natural

Instructions: Go to the area you wish to cleanse. We advise slightly opening a window or door before beginning. Be sure you have a saucer, shell or other implement to hold under your stick, to keep embers from dropping. Simply light the Palo Santo stick with a lighter, match or candle.  Let it burn a few seconds then blow out the flame.  Your stick will continue to smolder.  It is this smoke with which you clear the area.  Occasionally gently blow on the embers to keep them going. As you gently spread the smoke (some use a feather but you can do it with your hand), go corner to corner, above and below each room you wish to clear.  When you are finished, we advise that you put out the embers with water to make certain it is completely extinguished.  Do not leave burning Palo Santo alone.

If the area you wish to clear is a vehicle, hotel room, office or other area in which you can't reasonably smudge, you might consider one of our Sage sprays.

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