Portable Fortitude Deck

Portable Fortitude Deck
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Portable Fortitude Deck - from artist Corina Dross

Protective illustrated Playing Cards suitable for Cartomancy, Poker or Mojo!

54 Talismans for home and abroad, reads this wonderful deck.  Each imbued with the power to protect you from some common calamity! Only a few of this 3rd edition deck available.  

Per the Creator/Artist: "1001 uses, including poker, cartomancy (reading tarot with playing cards), spokecards for your bicycle, and talismans on your altar. Keep one in your pocket, by your pillow, slip one in a friend's bag." 

Printed on eco-friendly, recycled card stock, and coated to be fully playable. Printed in the USA. In a lovely tuck box with hand-drawn and lettered artwork.

This is an incredible deck - not always to be taken seriously, it is fun and was created for friends and family, but became popular with many.  It can be taken very seriously as well for cartomancy and more.

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