Sacred Mandala Lenormand

Sacred Mandala Lenormand
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The Sacred Mandala Lenormand - Heather Mendel

Deepen your own intuitive ability and prepare for life's changes with powerfully accurate readings using The Sacred Mandala Lenormand. With this deck you can learn the language of Lenormand. Discover how the synchronous patterning of the cards mirrors our possibilities and potential. All of the artwork is done by the deck's creator, Heather Mendel.

Created in her signature style, embellished with a collections of beautiful kaleidoscopic mandalas, The Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle is Heather’s newest creation. The Leonormand Oracle is fast becoming the most popular way of ‘reading the cards’ because of its ease and accuracy. A deck of 36 cards, each comprised a simple object, are not drawn singly, but rather in groups like words in a sentence, in answer to a questions that is posed. The combination of these images spark our intuitive senses to communicate with us in ways that are easy to understand. Lenormand is a great tool to develop confidence in your ability to perceive and enjoy the coincidences, synchroncities and serendipities around us— delightful clues that the magical and mystical intuitive sense is alive and well.

Like the cards of The Syzygy Oracle that draw together Tarot, Kabbalah and the search for the Sacred Feminine, the cards of The Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle feature simple silhouettes on a black background that honors the mysteries in our lives. The white frame on each card helps us connect the symbols to one another as we learn to read the cards in sentences.

Each symbol is paired with the decorative element of a kaleidoscopic mandala, surrounded by a calligraphic ring composed of the name and number of the card. The mandala in some way connects to the symbols on the card— through color, shape or mood, or in the case of’Lily’ I created mandalas using a photo of a cala lily; similarly for clover, I used a photo of the object itself. AT the base of each card is the pip and number of the card that ties it to the playing cards.

Author: Heather Mendel
Product: 36 cards, guide booklet
Publication Date: October, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9903137-2-4

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