Spirit Scopes: Messages for First Names

Spirit Scopes: Messages for First Names
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Spirit Scopes: Messages for First Names - Lahna Harris (Volume 1)

Your first name provides information for your spiritual growth by revealing your life purpose, divulging life lessons and providing life affirming messages.

For centuries, we have learned about ourselves through horoscopes based on birth dates. What if we could learn more about ourselves through divinely revealed information about our first names?

Lahna Harris has a strong connection with Spirit and has been given channeled messages for over 190 names (so far - volume 2 on the way). Your name, family and friends' names may be included in this volume.

Whether praising talents, giving direction, pointing out lessons needed, or revealing a life purpose, the messages serve as a blessing to all who are intended to read this book.

We here at Ohm know Lahna personally and just love her, and we have had the honor of receiving her channeled messages.  If you would like to learn more about Lahna, or receive one of her privately channeled messages, visit her here:  Spirit Scribe

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